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360 Go Pro

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Action photography has become a hobby for many that even allows casual observers to see some really fantastic things. Many of those things would have never been seen by people if it weren’t for the enthusiasts. So as action photography became more popular, the technology for it began to become more and more advanced. The first big innovation was the Go Pro.

With the Go Pro you were able to strap the camera onto your bike, helmet, or anything else to get some great POV shots. This allowed for the photographer to take some truly amazing shots and make some fantastic videos. As technology became more advanced, the Go Pro was transformed into the 360 Go Pro.

The 360 Go Pro allows for pictures or videos to be taken at 360 degree angles. This means in a single shot you can look at everything surrounding the event. It works by allowing you to rotate the picture or video via computer after it has been taken. The system works by having six cameras connected on a mount which is made utilizing 3D printers.

There are three versions of the 360 Go Pro: white, silver, and black. White is the most basic unit and will only take pictures. Silver is mid level and can do both picture and video but in lower resolutions. Black is top of the line and can take hi-res pictures or videos even in low light areas.

You can find the 360 Heros Go Pro and other aerial photography setups at Aerial Technology. Aerial Technology International is a local UAS supplier with a knowledgeable staff and friendly environment. Contact Aerial Technology International today!

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