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Aerial Photography

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Aerial photography has been growing in appeal as the technology for it becomes increasingly more advanced. With the innovations in technology comes new and exciting ways to capture photographic footage. Newer cameras are able to catch better angles and deliver that perfect picture or video.

Naked H3 Pro 360 Hero

Increased interface to your aerial photography device allows you to control it with the use of your tablet or smart-phone. With this interface you can also view what your device is capturing via your camera, to make sure your shot comes out just right. Not only is this incredibly helpful, it is also extremely cool. This is literally something straight out of a James Bond movie and now you have the ability to experience it while entertaining your hobby or passion.

If you are a photographer who wants to catch the entire moment on film, there is new and exciting technology available to help with that, known as a 360 Hero Go Pro. Using a special camera mount and a program that syncs the cameras together you can now take shots at 360 degrees. After you get your footage and upload it to your computer, you can make screen shots of your favorite moments, edit it to draw the focus where you want, or leave the footage alone so you can navigate to whatever view you’d like to see. This is also a great way to capture scenery, sporting events, or even group photos.

When looking into aerial photography find a trusted and experienced 360 Hero Go Pro retailer. They will know what other pieces you should have for your device.

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