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Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning

Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning

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Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning is a locally owned and operated company based in Portland.  They’ve made a commitment to their community and Oregon by being an Eco-Friendly business that strives to Keep Oregon Green; something all of us Oregonians can appreciate.  They’ve been providing Oregon with the highest quality cleaning services while focusing on customer satisfaction.

For homeowners, Bridge Town provides many options for cleaning your house.  They provide the strongest carpet cleaning methods available to remove stains caused by food, dirt and anything else.  Their carpet cleaning will remove various allergy causing concerns including pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites and more.  This will not only make your air quality much better, but will help eliminate pet odors and restore high traffic areas.  They offer all of their services to businesses and commercial properties as well.

Not only will they clean your carpets, they can provide you with full mold remediation services.  Bridge Town has chosen to deal with mold in a unique and effective way.   Traditional mold remediation consists of ripping out and removing affected materials, then spraying them with harsh chemicals.  This method can be toxic, very costly and doesn’t prevent future mold.  Instead, they’re able to offer a green solution consisting of dry-ice blasting and applying a product that removes the mold, then sealed to prevent future mold.  Best of all, they even provide a warranty for their services.

Keep It Local Oregon is proud to feature Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning as they’ve shown a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service while helping to keep Oregon green!  Please feel free to leave a review below!

“Bridge Town Cleaning did a great job cleaning our old carpets. After our kids moved out, my husband and I thought we had to buy new carpets for our stairs. A good friend of mine recommended Bridge Town and I am very impressed with their ability to remove stains. They made our carpet look like new for half the price of the other guys.” -Lori

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