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Creative Touch Landscaping

Creative Touch Landscaping

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Creative Touch Landscaping is local company dedicated to providing excellent service and highly skilled landscaping work.  They’re experts in landscaping, irrigation, hardscapes, custom patio work and more.

Creative Touch’s residential and commercial landscaping services has been known to provide competitive pricing, while delivering a highly experienced team of professionals who work hard to ensure their customer’s satisfaction.  They do so much more than landscaping.  They specialize in extended living spaces such as patios, gazebos and gardens.  They’ve helped many customers design beautiful settings that enhance their landscape and property.

Creative Touch has years of experience in designing outdoor living spaces.  A water feature or beautiful garden can add beauty and elegance to your property.  They are skilled experts at creating unique and amazing herb and rose gardens, even rock gardens.  They can install custom woodwork such as gazebos, pergolas, decks and arbors.

They’ve become one of the areas top providers of synthetic lawns as well.  Synthetic lawns have become increasingly popular among those who are looking for a mostly maintenance free area.  The synthetic lawns they produce are of the highest quality nylon fibers which are perfect for a long-lasting lawn and provide the best return on your investment.  They make the lawn themselves and will stand behind their product.  It’s considered ideal for playground areas, lawns, dog and pet areas.  Many people have turned to their synthetic lawns for golf and putting green areas in their own backyard!  It’s an incredibly environmentally friendly product as it’s created from recycled and renewable materials.  Best of all, it will always be green!

Creative Touch has become the industry leader for in-ground irrigation and sprinkler systems.  Whether you need a new system or repairs on an older system already in place, Creative Touch has you covered.  They work hard with their customers to ensure they receive the best service available and will back up their work.  This is their way of ensuring they’ll have the peace of mind that their investment will remain in proper working order, keeping their lawn beautiful and vibrant year-round.

Keep It Local Oregon is proud to support Creative Touch Landscaping as they’ve proven themselves to be a leader in their industry, with a focus on bettering the community of Oregon.  With a large following of satisfied customers, you should feel confident using this great Oregon business.  Please feel free to leave your experiences and reviews below!

“The job you and your guys did was amazing! This whole project turned out better than expected and we love the way the landscape moves from one area to another. We are actually using the entire yard and before we never wanted to go out there! Would like to do the lighting next fall.”

– Bill Harris


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