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Multicopters – Helicopter Cameras

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In order to build an aerial photography multicopter, you need to piece together quite a few pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment has its own specific function in regards to making the helicopter work properly. While allDJI Zenmuse Wookong Multicopter of the pieces are important, the most important part is the autopilot system. It’s the autopilot system that will prevent a lot of damage from happening to your helicopter.

The autopilot system helps regulate many of the helicopter’s components in order to maintain altitude. Should anything go wrong while controlling the helicopter, the autopilot will cause it to hover in place rather than just fall out of the sky. The DJI Ace One autopilot system is one of the best on the market. One feature that immediately causes it to stand out is the fact that it is extremely lightweight. For the fail safe you can select one of two features. The first is where it will simply hover in place until it can read your control signal. The second is return home, where the copter will automatically return to its taking off point and land. The Ace One also has three types of control modes based on your flight skill. Auto mode helps by maintaining altitude for easier control. Attitude mode uses a fixed altitude and is suited for areas where if you go too high, you may hit something. Manual mode allows the user to control everything and offers no assistance.

When buying a DJI ACE ONE system, be sure to use an experienced aerial technology retailer. They will have the experience and expertise to help you select the best components for your aerial photography multicopter.

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