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Oregon Derma Center

Oregon Derma Center

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Oregon Derma Center is a medical aesthetic wellness center that focuses on helping their clients look and feel their best through a variety of dermatology services. Services available range from acne treatment, anti aging procedures (including cosmetic injections, light and laser therapy and PRP treatments) and weight loss. With the understanding that every individual’s aesthetic wellness needs are different, everyone at Oregon Derma Center works tirelessly to create a program that suits you and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to fight the signs of aging, combat acne, or just rejuvenate your look, their professionals will provide you with a comprehensive skin evaluation and create a customized wellness plan based on the results.  Since the plan is created specifically for you, the results that follow will make you look as young and as healthy as you feel! One of their customers had this to say:

“All my friends tell me how young I look! I’m experienced with fillers and Botox but ODC really took care of me. Thank you!!” – Debbie, 49 McMinnville

With a location in the trendy neighborhood of Nob Hill, and one in McMinnville, the center is proud to service the needs of clients all over Portland, from the Pearl District to Lake Oswego. 

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