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Plants Grown With Hydroponics

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Once you have successfully set up your own hydroponic system, the next step is deciding which plants to grow. Some plants are ideally suited for growing hydroponically, while others tend to struggle. Technically, any plant can Hydroponic Systems Portlandbe grown using hydroponics; however, the ultimate success of your plants depends on what system you use and how much room you have to work with.

Fast-growing plants with shallow roots tend to work very well when grown hydroponically. Plants like lettuce and herbs work great with systems that completely submerge plant roots in nutrient-water solutions, such as aeroponics and nutrient film. On the negative side, these kinds of systems do not support high-maintenance plants or plants that require lots of water. If you are running an ebb and flow or wick hydroponic system, you can have success growing more top-heavy plants and vegetables like tomatoes, beans and squash. These systems use a growing medium which allows larger plants to firmly plant their roots. It should go without saying that larger plants require more water, nutrients and space in order to grow. You need a fairly large hydroponic setup to support the growth of these plants. Small and leafy plants such as lettuce grow very quickly and don’t require a whole lot of space. If you have a small hydroponic operation, then growing leafy greens and herbs is your best option.

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