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Portland Dog Boarding

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Being apart from your animal can be a stressful experience. For many people, they are almost like their children; however, not every trip allows you to take your animal with you. This can leave you needing to figure out how your animal will be taken care of while you are gone.

Having someone watch your animal can present its own set of problems. They may not have the proper time to care for your pet, they may do a bad job taking care of your pet or they may be untrustworthy and steal items from your home. Any of these things can be very unsettling since animals are like family.

A better alternative may be to take your animal to a kennel. Although they are more geared towards dogs, cats are welcomed at most kennels too. Cats normally get a nice area with a window so they can look outside. They also get their necessities; bedding changed regularly and plenty of room to stretch out for naps. Dogs are usually higher maintenance and their needs are fully cared for at kennels. Most kennels even allow you to call while you are away to see how your pet is doing.

When looking for a Portland Dog Kennel to suite your needs, make sure to find one that has been in business for a while and has plenty of experience. You don’t want to trust your beloved pet with a kennel that may not know exactly how to best take care of your pets. Customer testimonials can help you find trusted kennels. ¬†Cooper Mountain Kennel has established themselves as a premier dog boarding and Portland Dog grooming facility in the area.

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