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Portland Event Catering

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No matter what type of event is being hosted there is always one factor that has the ability to make or break the event, the food. The timing of the food getting served has to be perfect. If it’s is served too soon it will get cold, and if it is served too late, the guests will be very cranky due to hunger. Having caterers who follow a very specific schedule at the event they provide food for, is the sign of true professionals in their field.


Since caterers have to look at preparing the food, setting up there area for the food, and serving the food if they haven’t worked out a schedule, it could take a while for them to get caught up with the timeline of the event. In order to make a proper schedule, the caterers should first visit the site that the event will be held and find out how many people will be in attendance. That way, they can allow enough time to fully set up the site before guests arrive. Knowing the number of guests will also help them determine how long it will take to get everyone their food and will ensure the proper amount of food is prepared.

Caterers also may need to clean up the food and pack up their equipment, if the site of the event needs to be cleared out by a specific time. A professional, experienced caterer will be knowledgeable about the importance of having a schedule, and well versed in what they will need to do to create one. For the best in Portland event catering, contact Portland Catering Company.

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