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Portland Injury Therapy

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An unfortunate reality of being active and playing sports is that eventually, you are probably going to get hurt. It could be something minor like a muscle pull or it could be major like a break. Sometimes it is due to an accident while other times you might be doing normal activities when your body simply gives out. No matter the injury or the cause, you are going to need time and treatment to heal. It’s a good idea to get these injuries inspected by a doctor in order to determine the extent and need for treatment.

Depending on the injury, massage and chiropractic care may be a recommended course of treatment. Injury rehabilitation is a form of massage and chiropractic care specifically designed to treat injuries of this sort. Working alongside your medical treatment, injury therapy massage can help you get back to feeling as good as you did before your injury took place. It works just like normal massage by increasing circulation to the area, which helps it get more oxygen and nutrients. With an increase of oxygen and nutrients to the area, the injury can heal faster while flexibility is being increased. This is not done in one magical session however. Continued treatment over the course of healing is needed in order to see the most beneficial results.

While you may be able to exercise and do everyday activities, your injury may not be completely healed. You’ll need to take it easy on your injured area until it’s completely healed once you begin being active again. You may be able to get a good workout, but your injury will most likely feel pretty sore and a little painful when you are done.  Getting regular injury therapy massages will help manage your pain and can event prevent you from re-injuring the area as you begin getting back into your normal routine.

Once you get back into tip top shape, continuing to receive massages is a pretty good idea. Not only does it help muscle flexibility and promote healing, regular massages can help to prevent injuries in any other areas of the body. It may also reduce severity of injuries for those same reasons.

When looking for Portland Injury Therapy, find a massage therapist that has all their proper licensing and has established a good reputation in the area. You do not want to go to an unlicensed therapist that may potentially make your injury worse. Also, be sure to inform your therapist of any discomfort during your treatment, they may not realize you’re in pain and can adjust their tactics.  Contact Portland Deep Tissue Massage, experts in Portland Injury Therapy.

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