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Portland Landscapers and Sprinkler Services

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Getting a sprinkler system to save you a lot of time, money, and effort is a really smart idea. If the system is installed improperly however, it will cost you a lot more money and time. Improperly installed sprinkler systems can kill your lawn, kill plants around your lawn, and even help the development of unwanted invaders like fungus.

Many of the problems caused by improperly installed sprinkler systems are just a matter of poor placement. The sprinkler heads are placed in areas where they don’t distribute the water evenly, don’t get plants and grass enough water, or allow water to pool up. This is due to poor evaluation and planning based upon the terrain of landscape that the sprinklers are being installed upon. It can also happen if whoever is installing it is not properly educated on plants and doesn’t know which ones are in the most need of water.

In order to properly install a sprinkler system, there will be plenty of prep work. The landscape needs to be surveyed, taking note of plant types and their locations, and if there are any slopes or oddly shaped spots. Once that has been done, drawing out a plan of pipe and sprinkler head layout will help to determine their optimal placement.

Hiring an experienced Portland sprinkler service and Portland landscapers can help you make sure that your sprinkler system is installed properly. They can even look over and fixed existing systems that were improperly installed. Take a look at Creative Touch Landscaping. Their years of experience and expertise can help make the whole process easier.

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