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Protect Your Garage with Concrete Floor Coatings

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Doing a lot of work in a garage, whether for work or home, can potentially damage your garage floor and in some cases even the environment. If you don’t have a proper industrial concrete coating, this likely applies to you. Without the proper coating on your garage floor to seal it, you’re allowing many things to seep into your garage floor. This is why your floor may look dirty no matter how hard you try to clean it.

Concrete is porous (full of pores) which allows dirt or grime to get stuck in the pores and once in there it is virtually impossible to get out. Liquids such as oil can seep through these pores and make it all the way through your floor to the earth below.


Protecting your garage with an industrial concrete coating can prevent all of this. Once coated, your garage floor will be easily cleaned and will maintain a nice clean look since dirt and grime will no longer stick around. The coating is also resistant to liquids, to the point that spilled water will bead on your new floor. So now any spilled oil or other chemicals will no longer seep through your floor and harm the earth beneath your house.

To get an industrial concrete coating, we recommended you call a professional for installation. Although it can be done by yourself, the do-it-yourself kits don’t tend to last very long and usually don’t end up looking how you planned, resulting in lost time and money. Contact Bach Custom Coatings to see what options we have for your custom concrete coating.

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