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Redefyne Moving

Redefyne Moving

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Redefyne Moving is a local Portland, Oregon moving company. They’re family owned and operated and their offices are located in PDX but work well outside of the city limits throughout all of the metro area, surrounding suburbs, and the whole state of Oregon. Being a moving company the nature of their service area expands throughout the state and well beyond. While better equipped to handle both local moves they are often called upon for nationwide moves. Redefyne Moving has a great reputation and has many 4-5 star reviews on sites like Yelp and others. The companies owners take a lot of pride in their reputation and go to great lengths to maintain excellent customer satisfaction ratings. This means that when you hire them, all your belongings are safe and sound with no damage to your home while moving in or out.  All of their movers are hand selected and all have passed extensive background checks and drug screenings.

Why is the business name spelled ‘Redefyne’?

“We believe, that when it comes to moving, most people think stress and headache. However, a lot of times moving is something that should be memorable, whether it be an expansion or an upgrade, we would like to start the new chapter of the customers life off right with a move done well. Even if the customer is moving for non ideal reasons, they should still have someone they can rely on, and that is Redefyne Moving. Our goal is to eliminate the stress and headaches, and help the individual have a smooth, enjoyable moving experience (at least, to the best of our ability). The name is just a play on spelling, with the hope that it makes our company more memorable. Let us Redefyne your moving experience.”
~ Kristina Schaller, Owner of Redefyne Moving

Here are Keep It Local Oregon we are proud to present Redefyne as our featured Oregon moving company. Redefyne represents integrity in the field of moving, storage and packing.

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