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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laws & Regulations

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As the technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) keeps getting better, and UAVs keep getting smaller, more affordable and more practical for civilian use, it is important for the legislation to keep up with these Photo Higher Helicopter Camera Mountadvancements in aerial technology. “Surveillance society” is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit these days, and it may not be far off from the truth if law enforcement agencies are able to enjoy unregulated access to UAVs.

Many law enforcement agencies around the country have been using “drones” or UAVs for several years now. Fortunately, these agencies are limited in what they are able to use them for. For example, Oregon, along with about 20 other states, has passed drone regulations that require a probable cause warrant for the use of drones in a criminal investigation. This is the positive side of regulation. On the negative side, the FAA is not going to issue permits for the commercial use of UAVs until 2015. While it may be perfectly legal for a hobbyist to use multicopters as aerial photography equipment, if you run a business using a UAV in this manner it is considered illegal by the FAA. Under the Oregon legislation, UAV users will be required to register their UAVs with the Oregon Department of Aviation starting in 2016. As UAVs are growing exponentially in popularity, many states are scrambling to sort out exactly how to deal with private UAV use. The FAA will rule on the matter in 2015, which is when we will likely see a major boom in the UAV industry.

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