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Urban Garden Supply

Urban Garden Supply

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Urban Garden Supply has become the premier indoor garden provider in Portland.  With over 50 years of gardening experience, they’ve committed themselves to providing their customers with much more than just supplies.  They offer each customer a free consultation in an effort to ensure they’re garden will thrive.  Their retail store is located in SE Portland, in the Clackamas area.

They offer the best products for indoor and outdoor gardening and best of all, they have experience using them.  This allows them to be able to assist you and answer any questions you might have.  They’re dedicated to providing Oregon with strong customer service and they have a history of proving it.  They also guarantee to beat any competitors advertised prices.  They understand that choosing the right grow lights can be an extremely difficult task.  There’s so many different brands and options, but you want to make sure to make the right decision for your room size and growing goals.  Getting a set of lights that won’t cover your square footage or give you the different color spectrum you need to efficiently grow your crop, will only end up costing you more money in the long run.  Urban Garden Supply is fully educated on the different LED grow lights available and can help choose the proper setup for you.  They’ll also provide you with an education on why light selection is so important.

Urban Garden Supply Plants

They provide everything you’ll need for a proper hydroponic growing setup.  They have all of the individual accessories you might need for putting together a new setup, or replacing a part in your current setup.  If you’re new to indoor growing, they also offer complete systems to get you started.  They’ll provide you with assistance in growing mediums, environmental control and nutrients.  They’re experts in pest and disease control as well.

Keep It Local Oregon has received many recommendations for Urban Garden Supply and is happy to support them.  Please leave your comments or reviews below!

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