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Where the Sidewalk Ends…and Begins

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Curbs are generally thought of as just an attachment to the sidewalk and nothing more. While they do help to define where the sidewalk ends, they do quite a bit besides that. The function of the curb normally changes with the shape and materials used to make that particular curb. Curbs serve as a visual sign that construction of that sidewalk or roadway is complete as curbs are always the last thing added. One of the main functions of a curb is to aid in guiding excess water from the street into a drain. By getting more water off of the street, curbs are making it safer for drivers and reducing the chance of an accident happening. In some streets, curbs are used to help direct the flow of traffic, but only if it is a lower speed zone. The reason they are only used for directing traffic in lower speed zones is if the speed is too high, they are likely to cause more accidents than they prevent.

Concrete Curbs

More vertical curbs are the ones used to direct traffic. If the curbs are sloped they are likely there to help reduce the speed of drivers through that area. Some areas will have a dropped curb cut in order to let pedestrian or wheeled traffic through that particular section.

Most curbs are made with a slip form casting machine as it is the easiest way to make them. Materials used for making the curb will vary based on the area and the type of curb being constructed. CLS Products USA is nationally known for the slipform curb machines. They also provide training for their machines.

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